I would like to begin by stating, quite clearly, that playing video games is not bad for you. Point Blank. I would like to believe that playing video games is actually good for you. In a world where everything is going down the drain it’s nice to know that you can always go home, sit in front of a television, and play a video game for however long you want. It’s incredibly stress relieving! Hen, this might be sad but—it’s also the only form of education us kids might ever get. Ever. I do mean this quite seriously.

            No, it does not kill of our brain cells; I don’t care what they say. No, it’s not corrupting me with dangerous and thoughtless ideas. And no, it’s not the cause for aggression in our world. I’m sorry, but you can’t blame the videogames for stupidity and violence, that bit comes from within the human body.

            It’s a sad truth but you must accept it.

            For those that believe that video games influence the young in dangerous ways, let me ask you something: Do you see me, who is hopelessly addicted in every way, shape, and form, running about with a sword with a blue fairy (helpless passerby who happened to have blue hair), thrusting objects into the air whenever I open up a chest (biology book, sketchbook, Jedi sword, my keys [conveniently preserved with play-doe], my brother’s compass, food), throwing bombs (rocks) at Gorons (poor guys) and talking (mute) about saving the universe (it desperately needs saving!)? No, you don’t!

            If you did, I’d be worried for both our sakes.

I would like to point out something:

Legend of Zelda is AMAZiNG!

(And I love Link’s hat)


            ((About the Brain cells—I’m not insane because of the videogames “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”—Courtesy of Edgar Allen Poe. Ish True))


Lastly: Videogames don’t kill people, stupid people with horribly- plain-nothing-better-to-do-with-their-lives-issues kill people. HA.


The moral of this story?




‘Nuff said.